Welcome to Warm & Fuzzy!

Whether it’s reading a story, watching a commercial or seeing a movie, you know the feeling: when you hit that emotional peak, the word play or music pulling softly on your emotional heartstrings, your chest tightens and you blink back tears. Sound familiar?

I love that feeling. I’m the person who tears up on the subway reading a rom-com, or watching a beer commercial that really hits me in my soft spot. I do it in my bed, at work, on the subway. I do it by myself, and sometimes I even do it in groups. I don’t discriminate against any kind of sappiness, in fact, I welcome it. You know what’s even better? Sharing that book, video clip or story with someone else, and spreading that tight-chested joy all around.

And that’s where the idea of Warm & Fuzzy came from. Sharing news, stories, videos, whatever it may be, that will have you feeling inspired, happy and hopeful.

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